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Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:36 pm

  • I know they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. But it's also illegal when it comes in written or digital forms.

    We've had a number of clans shoot off of TDM and start their own sites. In doing so, MOST of them copy and paste our text into their own forms. A large chunk still even model their sites after ours (similar layouts of forums, usergroups, council titles, etc...)

    If you do this, it is ILLEGAL! The text on this site is copyrighted and stealing it to promote your own clan is not only rude to us, but it is lazy on your part, insincere to your own clan, and you are LYING to your own clan as all the text that was written is being passed off as your own, about your site. People spend many hours wording posts and designing systems to work for TDM in order to benefit TDM... not your clan. Do your own leg-work when it comes to writing application threads, posts to guests, council descriptions, forum descriptions, etc... I know our stuff is good and is desired. THAT'S why it is OUR stuff! TDM is a great clan and folks often want to immitate it.

    If you steal our content, you will be called out on it. You will be asked to change all written text immediately. Failure to do so immediately will result in:
    - Removal from any account you may have on our site and an IP ban to stop your prying eyes.
    - A formal Cease and Desist notice being sent to your hosting company to ask for their assistance in shutting your site down.
    - A formal complaint being filed with all governing authorities of the internet (ICAAN, DMCA, etc...) in an effort to get your site shut down.
    - Notice being posted on all recruiting sites for Runescape of your theft as well as posts being made to your recruiting threads therin letting people know of your theft.
    - Petitioning that your clan not be allowed to advertise or recruit on aforementioned sites.

    In reality, this is a lot of work for us, so we DON'T like it to have to go that far, but it has in the past, and we have had hosts offer to shut down sites for us (and lose a paying client over it). We will do all that is needed to see that our site and clan material is protected.
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