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Sat Jun 01, 2024 5:58 pm

  • Hello Monkeighs!

    Get your weapons and armor ready for a Boss Competition this June! Cloud and I wanted to develop a competition to encourage everyone to try new bosses in RuneScape,(both together and solo), thus we are proud to announce what we have dubbed the:



    This competition isn't just a single competition, it's 4-in-1! Each one hosts a different challenge, and you'll earn points(Monkeigh Cup style) based on how you compare to other Monkeighs! The Monkeigh with the most points at the end of the competition wins! So what are these challenges? Find out below!

    All competitions begin and end at 12am EST
    Round 1(June 1-14)
    • God Wars Dungeons! - All 3 God Wars Dungeons are options on this table. Get a unique? Move on to the next boss! The most uniques gained wins!

    Round 2(June 15-28)
    • Tzhaar Capes! - Take on Jad, Har-Aken, and Zuk to earn points! Please post a starting picture of your TzTok-Jad/Har-Aken and TzKal-Zuk collection logs. Make sure you include your kill count in the screenshots.

      The points are as follows:
      Every fight caves completion: 1 point
      Every Fight kiln completion: 2 points
      Every TzKal-Zuk kill: 2 points (3 points for hardmode)
      Every Igneous Stone obtained from TzKal-Zuk is 1 bonus point on top of the 2 for the kill.

      For every "set" you complete, you will get 2 bonus points. (A set is a fight cave completion, a fight kiln completion, and an Igneous Stone) If you manage to create a Igneous Kal-Zuk Cape that you didn't have before, we'll give you an extra 5 points.

      You are allowed to claim onyx from the Fight Kiln fight. If you do this, you must post a screenshot of your chat box showing you killing Har-Aken and it awarding Marks of War, or a screenshot with the dialouge box and date/time included. (The screenshot just needs to show a confirmed Har-Aken kill, with some way to make it unique for each kill)

    Round 3(June 29- July 12)
    • Weapons Crafter - Who can make the most weapons from scratch at Araxxi, Telos, Legiones, QBD, and Zamorak? You're only allowed 1 weapon per boss then you need to move on to the next! If you happen to make them all then you can start over again!

    Round 4(July 13-26)
    • Elite Dungeons 1-3! - The premise of the final competition is simple. Whoever can gain the most combined Ancient Scales, Draconic energy, and Black Stone Hearts wins!

    Cloud and I will be available to guide you through any of these boss fights throughout the event.

    The winner of each 2 week competition will receive 50M, and at the end all participants will receive a split of 100M! To be counted as a participant, you must gain at least 1 point in a competition!

    We will be using Discord for this competition, so please click here to join it!

    Good luck, and have fun!
    ~The Admins
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  • List of drops:

    First round - show -
    Moku: 13
    K''ril - Subj Top
    Graardor - Bandos Warshiled
    Zily - off-hand Armadyl Crossbow
    Kree - Arma chainskirt
    Nex - Virtus Book
    Vindicta - Crest of Zaros
    Twins - Crest of Zamorak
    Helwyr - Crest of Seren
    Kerapac - Staff of Armadyl's fractured staff
    Croesus - incomplete cryptbloom top
    Greg - crest of sliske
    Arch-Glacor - Scripture of Wen
    Zuk - Magma Tempest Codex

    Cloud: 14
    K'ril - Subj Top
    Graardor - Bandos Gloves
    Zily - Whisper
    Kree- Armadyl Helmet
    Nex - Pernix Boots
    Gregorvic - Shadow Glaive
    Helwyr - Wand of the Cywir Elders
    Kerapac - Staff of Armadyl's fractured staff
    Vindicta - Dragon Rider Lance
    Twins - Blade of Avaryss
    Telos - Orb of volcanic anima
    Arch-Glacor - Leng artifact
    Zuk - Magma Temptest ability codex
    Zamorak - Vestments of Havoc hood

    MonkeyMarty - 4
    Vindicta - Crest of Zaros
    Kerapac - Kerapac's Wristwraps
    Graardor - Bandows Warshield
    Saradomin - Hiss of Saradomin

    Coolstone - 5
    K'ril - Subj top
    Graardor - Bandos Helm
    Zily - Sara hilt
    Kree - Armadyl Helm
    Kerapac - Kerapac's Wristwraps

    Steveo - 2
    Kerapac - Kerapac's Wristwraps
    Croesus - incomplete cryptbloom top

    Dj Phox - 1
    Kerapac - Kerapac's Wristwraps

    Luther - 1
    Croesus - incomplete cryptbloom top

    Whitbit22 - 3
    Croesus - incomplete cryptbloom top
    Arch-Glacor - Scripture of Wen
    Kerapac - Kerapac's Wristwraps

    Second Round - show -
    Moku - 55 points
    -6 Jad
    -8 Har-aken
    -11 Zuk (+11 stones)

    Cloud - 8 points
    -2 HM Zuk (+2 stones)

    MonkeyMarty - 3 points
    -3 Jad

    Whitbit22 - 2 points
    -2 Jad

    1. Cloud - 7
    2. Moku - 6
    3. Coolstone - 5
    4. Marty - 4
    5. Whitbit22 - 3
    6. Steveo - 2
    7. Phox - 1
    7. Luther - 1
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