Holiday Raffle 2020!

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Mon Dec 07, 2020 8:57 pm

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    Seasons Greetings Monkeighs! :bdance:

    Today, Cloud and I are happy to announce this year we are hosting a holiday raffle!

    Let's get straight to the good stuff with the prizes shall we?


    Grand Prize - Essence of FInality
    2nd - Bond
    3rd - 1000x Super str (3), Super Att (3), Super Defense (3), Super Magic (3), Super Ranging (3), clean torstol

    • You must be a current active clan member to enter.
    • Entries are limited.(see below)

    How to enter:
    There are 3 ways to enter!
    1. 5M entry fee, which will go toward clan funds for future giveaways/events (1 entry with this method per clan member only). Contact Cloud or I to enter using this method!
    2. Recruit a new monkeigh - 1 entry (can receive up to 5 entries via recruiting). Have the recruit include who recruited them in their application!
    3. Win a free entry - 1 will be given out each week on Moku's Twitch Channel every Friday night at (8PM EST). To celebrate the start of the giveaway this Friday(Dec 11) we will give out 2 entries!(Only 1 free entry is allowed per clan member). Each active clan member will be entered, those who are in the live stream at the time of the drawing get an extra entry!

    You can enter using any combination of the 3 methods above, earning up to 7 entries total for the raffle!

    The giveaway winner will be revealed live at 8pm EST on Moku's stream Dec 25!

    Good Luck everyone, and Happy Holidays! :mrgreen:


    ~The Admins

    5M Entries
    lol mining
    Luther Nl

    Free Entries
    Bald Duck

    Prize Results
    1st - Debanti - Received Prize
    2nd - lol mining - Received Prize
    3rd - Hameigh - Received Prize
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