Log In Trouble? Was Your Account Deleted? **READ THIS**

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  • If you are unable to login, there are a few reasons this may be occurring:

    1. You changed your email/password and your account got deactivated. If this is the case, please post to public chat to ask the admins to reactivate your account.

    2. You mistyped or forgot your password and recoveries were unsuccessful. Again, in this situation, please post to public chat to ask the admins for help.

    3. Your account may have been removed. If this is the case, please read below.

    Here at TDM it is very important to us that we keep our forums up to date. Because of this, inactive accounts are often removed. The following are our standards for removing accounts:

    De-activated accounts - Often people come to our forums and register for an account, but never actually activate them. These are kept for only 1 day. If the person does not activate the account, the account is removed.

    Recruit accounts - Recruits are given 1 week from their account creation date to register on the forums. They are given a 2 weeks trial period with the clan. Once it has been 2 weeks since a member joined, if they have not shown enough activity, they will be declined and their forums account removed.

    Friend accounts - These are removed after 4 months of inactivity.

    Member accounts - Member accounts may be removed for failing to meet our activity requirements. All members are required to adhere to our Activity Policy. Failure to do so may result in removal of the member's account.

    Beyond the above reasons, the only time we will delete an account would be if someone quits the clan and doesn't request (or isn't eligible for) a friend account, or if someone is kicked out of the clan for inappropriate behavior. Usually when someone is kicked out, they will receive an email explaining why their account was deleted.

    If you feel your account may have been unfairly deleted, please post to the public chat and leave a message for an admin that includes your email address if you want a reply via email. If you don't include one, we will just respond to the thread for all to see. We have no way to private message guests, so please give us an email address to contact you with an answer if you want it to remain confidential.

    Also remember, if you were removed for inactivity, you are always welcome to re-apply when you are ready to be active again.


    All content posted herein is SOLELY intended for use on TDM's forums. Any use of this material outside of this forum will be considered copyright infringement.
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