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Sat Apr 01, 2023 3:16 am

  • Hello Monkeighs!

    Cloud and I have been hard at work developing some new projects(more to come this summer), and today we are proud to announce the newest part of our monkeigh initiative... ChimpTok!


    Ever wanted to post random videos of yourself for complete strangers to leave hateful comments on? Well now you can! Our newest sections of the forums are now live for you to troll comment on and post monkeigh photos of your own, as well as a dedicated channel in discord!

    ~The Admins

    Happy April Fools!
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    Thanks to Mettle for the avatar/sig!

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    Sun Shine4u wrote:Amg, you so totally rock!!!! Again I bow to your awesomeness :bow:
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    Ellaveen wrote:ROFL. Moku you win. x 100.
    Lord Cahan wrote:It's like Back To The Future. You, sir, are too pro for us non-time travelers.

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